December 2012 Completion.

Dustolex and its associates have just completed various Ventilation and Extraction projects at CERN Geneva. More details to follow.


Dustolex Limited have just completed the Installation of a Centralised Vacuum System for TAKUMA CO. LTD. (Japan).

TAKUMA were the main contractors for Lakeside Energy from Waste Limited, a joint venture between Grundon Waste Management and Viridor.

The system includes sixteen vacuum points strategically located within the facility any of three points of which are capable of simultaneous use.

The Centralised Vacuum System includes a filter/separator with indoor explosion protection and an 18.5 KW exhauster.

Dustolex completed both the mechanical and electrical installation.

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Dustolex are members of SHAPA. Being members of the Solids Handling and Processing Association Limited will give Dustolex access to the the extensive knowledge of the Association, its activities and members. Please see


Dustolex now have available a wide range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Systems. We can now offer a wide range of equipment to serve all industries needs. Please see

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Dustolex have become affiliated members of British Occupational Hygiene Society. 'Working for a healthier workplace'